Monday, June 22, 2009

The NEW BANK TELLER : Miss Natasha Ross

I started my NEW JOB this morning, and I LIKED IT! :) I think its exactly what I've been looking for. I'm training with a nice girl for two days, then they will THROW me out there on my own. Well not really, but I will observe with my eyes for 1 more day then for the next week I actually work with customers but have a "BABYSITTER" watching over my shoulder! WHICH I AM SOO THANKFUL FOR! I love babysitters! :) Especially after seeing EVERYTHING I have to learn! OMG.. it's so overwhelming, but so FUN! haha I hope I can get it.. ha They just got a new computer system and its a bit confusing to learn that on top of all the money handling stuff, but I KNOW I WILL GET IT! It was only my first day! I took 3 1/2 pages of NOTES!! LOT LOT of INFORMATION!
but check out my cute outfit! HA I LOVE IT.....


  1. I am so glad that you like it Tasha... I was looking at Texans CU for Tyler a teller position, but it didn't really mention much about pay. If you don't mind in helping that area I would greatly appreciate it before he waste their time with an interview. If you don't want to answer it here you are more than welcome to e-mail me at I am glad you enjoyed it! :)

  2. Hey girl! It's Ok! They are starting me out at $10.75! I have absolute NO EXPERIENCE though, and that is the lowest bracket you can make! Bracket A! ha - ha
    But.. it's really not bad for not having any experience and I only work part-time (8am to 1pm )and I get FULL BENEFITS and paid holiday and vaca time! It worked out perfect for me?? Especially since I can't find a TEACHING JOB? :)

  3. That really isn't bad at all. It is nice that you get vacation time and holiday pay since you work part time. You don't see that very often. You also don't find many places that give you full benefits as part time. I will let Tyler know and see what he thinks. He has no banking experience, but he does have the cash handling and customer service mess. I will just let him decide. Once again I am glad you are enjoying it!!! I hope you can get on Teaching soon! :)