Monday, June 15, 2009


Six Flags now has a NEW DEAL that we got suckered into this year! :) Take a look at this wonderful orange plastic cup Stephen is holding. This is there NEW 12.99 plan of the YEAR! No... we didn't stop their.. I BOUGHT ONE TOO, no sharing for us! At first I thought... wow, we've got to be the biggest idiots, but come to find out EVERYONE was doing it! HA-HA There was not ONE person walking around without one of those STUPID ORANGE CUPS! ha
ALL YOU DO is purchase a 12.99 orange cup and you get FREE REFILLS all day through the park (water or any coke), and trust me you need SOMETHING TO DRINK.. it's feels like 110 degrees out there! I would have to say it turned out pretty good, except for there other ORANGE CUP money making deal! ha
You ARE NOT ALOUD to take that orange cup with you in ANY ROLLAR COASTER lines. They STOP you at the front of the line and make you pay ANOTHER DOLLAR to put it in a locker for that roller coaster. Ok.. so not bad.. just a dollar, but when you finished riding the coaster you have to get it out and travel to the next coaster that ALSO makes you put your ORANGE CUP in their coaster locker, which is ANOTHER DOLLAR! ha-ha! So you tell me... depending on how many roller coasters you plan to ride... IS THIS A GOOD IDEA FOR YOU?? HA (not six-flags), we know its a GREAT idea for them! MONEY SUCKERS! HA

TITAN ROLLER COASTER (X2) -- lines weren't bad!

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