Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grannie's Recipe

Well.. every THANKSGIVING I get to head to HOUSTON and visit my Granny and Papa! I get the opportunity to eat my GRANNIE'S AMAZING FOOD! She is one of the BEST COOKS EVER! One of my favorites is her MASHED POTATOES! So.. I got this brave idea yesterday that I would try and make those special tatoes for dinner! I called her up to get the recipe.. & of course to find out she really doesn't have a recipe.... it's all about her "SPECIAL TOUCH", but she talked me through the basics and encouraged me to add just enough of what I think! So.. with Grannie's advice and my new cooking techniques they TURNED OUT YUMMY, so you know that deserves BRAGGING RIGHTS, & Stephen was just right outside cooking the chicken...SO I RAN OUT SIDE AND YELLED.. THEY TASTE JUST LIKE GRANNIES!!!! He was like,"Oh man... your on cloud 9 once again!" But.. we all know he was like... "YES, MY WIFE CAN COOK"!

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