Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Pass-Over " the rolls please....

Last night our Bible Study got together and re-enacted somewhat of the PASSOVER! We brought out all the YEAST things a little later on in the evening. ha ha Back in the day...I think the "Leaven" (hope I'm saying that right) had to be all cleaned out before the passover. So.. yes I think we were all a little skeptical about their being edible food present... but we all knew Chick-fil-a was right around the corner... right??

No... it was FUN!! It's always fun getting together with this group! You end up laughing the entire night! This was a fun experiece even if 1/2 of you flaked out before the night! HA (kidding...again).

Loren was able to have her grandmother come and explain some of the religious traditions that were done during the Passover. It was neat having someone explain it all. :)

We even had the chance to try some WONDERFUL new things! I think these things are easier if your not a picky eater... but there wasnt any SEA FOOD present so I did pretty good! (pass the rolls please) HA

Over All... we had a GREAT NIGHT! I love hanging out with this group! When's the next MOVIE NIGHT! :)


  1. oh wow that looks soooo fun!! I LOVE learning about stuff like that especially when FOOD is involved! ha!! Who said Food isn't educational! ha! SO glad to see you BLOGGING MORE!!! :) YAY!!! LOVE IT!! Keep it up Birthday girl!!

  2. SOOOO cool!! i just LOVE this!!!

    AND, i'm sure you've had it at some point, but i have you a stylish blogger award, so head on over & check it out!! :)

  3. I love when we act the Bible stories. I did this with the Children and they ask if we could do it again. Maybe you could give me some tips to really make them feel they were there during that time! I'm always thankful when you send me emails for my class.