Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Blog 1

Yes... I have many special memories I want to share with you about this 26th birthday! :) I am going to start with Day 1! FRIDAY NIGHT!

I arrived in Wichita Falls (at my moms house around 11pm). I was tired.. not really feeling to hott... but knew I needed to started on my baking for my NOON B-day party the next day. So I went to work by baking my "new recipe" cupcakes (thanks JG). I posted the recipie on the blog before this one. You can check it out if you want.

So I waited.... and waited....

It got late... and finaly 1/2 of my red velvet/chocolate chip cookie cupcakes were completed! :)

But.. my sister insisted we have 24 cupcakes!! She said everyone will need 2 cupcakes! grrr... she's also the same sister who FACETIME'd me while I did all the baking! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Nah... she was gonna help if I started earlier... It is now 1:00 AM! It was time to bake the other 12!

So I waited again.... AND FINALLY 1:30!

They were completed everyone!! Except the CHEESCAKE FROSTING (which will be added minuted before the party) BOY WAS I TIRED! my eyes look terrible! Make up smeared and everything! Hahaha

Oh did I mention.. my sister is watching Bye Bye Birdie... at this time now! HAHA Thanks ASH!! :)

Anywhow... I finally finished what I needed to do for FRIDAY night! My next mission was CAKE BALLS starting at 9:30AM on Saturday! SO.. I thought I better get a few hours in!



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  2. ha!!! Love it!! Seriously those cupcakes were AWESOME!! So glad you made more than 12 too!!! ha! 24 may have been a lot, but oh well they were yummy!! But I did help, even if it was over facetime! Hehe!!
    Bye the way that movie is soooo cute!!! A must see!!
    Happy Birthday Tasha!!! LOVE YA BUNCHES!!!