Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Yes this year I came up with an EASTER THEME for my 26th birthday! I love themes for birthday's!! :) Themes bring the fun to PARTIES. I have not had an Easter Birthday since I was about 9. I had it on Matterhorn in WICHITA FALLS with an easter egg hunt and a bunny pinata. For some reason it feels like it took 17 years for it to fall close to Easter again!! :) I really dont know if that is true... but it seemed like a great theme to choose this year. :)

The Big 26 - Cupcakes were a big deal for me this year... no telling what next year will be! :)

Mom ad Stephen set up outside with a tent and the decorations while I tried to finish the cake balls

yummy hamburgers/sausage - cooked by none other my SWEET DAD! :)

Other preparations organized by my sweet mom and grandma! :)

(Oh stop judging... it's EVERYONES FAVORITE) ! HAHA

My sister & I

My Aunt Debbie & Caleb

Prayer before the meal - so special

Granddad, myself and Chloe! :)

ALL MY BIRTHDAY WISH'S CAME TRUE!! :) I have the BEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD! :) Im a spoiled little girl!!

Caleb giving me my birthday present! :) He drew me a WONDERFUL BUG FARM! :) LOVE IT!

Thanks Ash & Daniel - got the JESSICA SIMPSON PERFUME SET w/lotion and body wash! & My scentsy smelly, <3 those things!!! :)

Thanks MOM & DAD for the Michael Kors Iphone Clutch! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I couldn't show you what it looked like in my phone because I took the picture with my phone! HA HA

MY GIRL BRITNEY!! Had to have her new CD! My new work-out music!

Thanks to my aunt Debbie for my Lauren Conrad FASHION BOOK! :) Debbie knows I LOVE FASHION and LAUREN! HAHA

THANKS Granddad & Grandma for the MONEY MONEY MONEY & sweet card!!! :)

THANKS Granny and Papa for always remembering me and sending me MONEY! HAHA Can't go wrong with that! :)


  1. Glad you had such wonderful Birthday!! Ther is only one thing wrong! Am not in any pictures!! What's up with that? ha! I know I was working so hard! Lol Love you can't believe you are 26! Nowhere are my grand babies ? love you Mom

  2. Ha!!! I agree I need neices and nephews to spoil rotten!! ha!! Time for me to return the favor!! hehe!! LOVE YA TASHA!! Oh and Thanks for putting out the list and helping us out!! I would say it was a win win for everyone! ha!
    Love ya and Happy 26th Birthday!!!!
    P.S. You were working hard Mom, and it shows! The party was FABULOUS!!!

  3. Happy birthday! Looks like a fun party! Hope to see y'all soon.