Monday, April 4, 2011

It's coming up....

Well... there has been more purchases since I took this last picture.... but I wanted to share with you guys what cute stuff you can get from TARGET! It's kind of like my purse/bag fetish... I LOVE LOVE the HOLIDAY section at target! I love the cookie sheets, icing, stupid cups and plates, decorations, plastic containers.. I LOVE IT ALL! HA

I have this IDEA and PICTURE in my head... and I always pray it turns out. There is always something that doesn't work just like I wanted or thought... but sometimes you just have to go with it! :)

I'm SUPER EXCITED about my party!!!

It's my BIRTHDAY.. gonna PARTY.. like it's my BIRTHDAY! :)


  1. too bad we won't be in town :) We are having Ella's bday that weekend. I am going to send you an invite (just because they are too cute not to) but obviously I know you can't come :)

  2. Are you having an Easter party or a birthday party?! Either way, I bet it will be great!!