Friday, April 29, 2011

He is SO GOOD! :)

Anyone who really knows the True Tasha Tippit Ross knows my heart and passion for GOD and singing. I have grown up singing my entire life. I have learned and been inspired from none other....My Mama! Not only did I basically live in church growing up, but I watched my mom sing in front of me every Sunday.... on stage, in choir, singing solos, leading choirs, and leading praise and worship. It started from there then a burning fire from God filled my soul and guided me in my own direction. I have struggled in what direction to go in my life with my music and have had many conversations with God about my own dreams and for his dreams in my life. I would have to say my granddads "DREAM" messages get me every-time I hear them(he has many)! I know God is talking directly to me.. because I can't get away from them! HAHA God works in funny ways and I will always ALWAYS walk in his direction no matter what comes my way.

I heard this song on a CD a friend (Amy) gave us a few months ago. I listened and listened to it and sang it to stephen and my mom several times in the car. I was just BEYOND TOUCHED as I listened to her sing this song. It's not even so much her voice but the power of God you feel while listening to it.

The other big thing I loved about it was knowing how many people SHE IS ABLE to reach in her shoes while singing it. So many people look up to her where she is at in her life and I love how she used it for God's glory. I love watching this video because not only is God working through her to touch her fans lives, but he's using her to reach her friends & peers in the same career path. We have seen it all... what hollywood can do to you and how hard it can be on your life... but I love in this video how everyone is sitting in peace while she sings this. You can literally SEE God moving through those people and in that building. This just blows my mind and touched me so deeply and I JUST HAD TO SHARE! :)


  1. Wow Tasha. I am a VERY hot natured person, but I seriously have the chills...

  2. Girl! When are you going to update :) I want to read about what is going on...maybe I should just call you? :) :)

    Michelle Bailey