Sunday, January 9, 2011

We started out our New Years Eve by heading down to Ft. Worth Stockyards
to watch the Cattle drive we've heard about for many years! BOY were we disappointed! HA I guess we imagined 100 cattle bulleting down the street with a cowboy following them, throwing a rope in the air yelling AHya... ahya!!!
Little did we know...
Let's just say this was a GREAT picture!haha There really was only about 12 cattle that walked about 2MPH! HA

If you are a fellow blog follower then you know that Stephen is a DUKES OF HAZZARD fanatic. Like re-watch every episode during his FREE-time and quote them in his everyday language! As we were walking down the Stockyard strip Stephen calls out "BOSS HOG" and we looked up and sadly enough I knew what he was talking about! HA-HA (now living with him for 2 years). So of course I had to get his picture with it.

On our way home to celebrate the ball dropping and drink our sparkling cider we stopped by ZOE'S italian restaurant to get some dinner. Neither one of us were hungry after eating pounds of meat from Hard 8 BBQ in Grapevine for lunch.

But.. it was still fun drawing on the table with crayons. I'm so easily entertained. :)

FINALY MAKING IT HOME... we turned on the TV and I got to play with one of my new Christmas presents from my sister....
My NEW BABCAKES ladies and gentlemen....

It makes the CUTEST LITTLE BABY CUPCAKES EVER!! :) I made tons of them... and kept eating them for 3 DAYS! HA

Then I made sure everything was set up perfect for our 2011 NEW YEARS TOAST!

This is the BEST STUFF EVER!! I had it for MANY MANY YEARS! It was a tradition in our family when I was a little girl! So of course I had to continue it! :)

This year we decided to stay in Frisco for New Years so we FACE-TIMED my family and brought in the NEW YEAR together the TECH WAY! HAHA


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