Thursday, January 13, 2011


This year I wasn't in Wichita for my mom and I's annual New Year shoe sale shopping spree! I was a little sad I wasn't back in Wichita until I realized I was in the SHOPPING TOWN with a BRILLIANT, BETTER and EVEN BIGGER DILLARD'S!
How could I possibly be sad at this amazing opportunity! haha
Just kidding... of course it would of been 100% better with my mom!!! But I did find some CUTE CUTE CUTE SHOeS!

ALL FOR JUST 80$$$ Even the Steve Madden Tan shoes I have been wanting for 2 years was included in this price! All I can say is AMAZING!

Here are my new black "SCHOOL" flats. :) These are solely dedicated to school only! I learned very quick in my 1st year of teaching... pumps are just undoable while trying to train 1st graders. :( So flats come and go very fast in the Ross house. I'm not to picky when it comes to flats... throw a little animal print with them and I'm SOLD! HA

Anything with JESSICA SIMPSON stamped on it.. I LOVE!!! Not sure what it is... but It's just my kind of STYLE!

And.... HERE THEY ARE LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!! I wanted these SOOO BAD.. These were the last pair and they went to ME!! Every person in there was asking me where are those.... what size are those.... and it just made me want to buy them even MORE! HAHA WHY IS THAT GIRLS???

Overall I had a pretty good shopping trip this New year... but next year I plan on going with MOM! :)

P.S. She got the J.S. tall black boots I got for Christmas, but she paid 75% off! HAHAH SAD... but she is GOOD! :)

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