Monday, January 31, 2011

Girls Night Out

These two little stinkers finally got another girls night out planned! With Katie living in Houston now.. we dont get to do this very often! :( But.. when we do... we LIVE IT UP! I always have the best time laughing for hours with these girls. :) Jenn and Katie

I was so upset I didn't get to attend baby Lindley's 1st birthday party in Decemeber. Jenn had an amazing BIRTHDAY party that you can check out right HERE!

Katie's sons birthday is coming up in Feb. She was filling us all in on her ideas for baby Quinn's birthday! She's planning to go big too! :) Can't wait to see pics!

Since I missed Lindley's B-day and I wont get to attend Quinn's in Houston. I found them a little something to take home and surprise their babies with! :)

Babies are so fun to shop for! :) I love all the cute stuff!

For Quinn.. I found this soft little saw that when you "SHAKE" it makes this grinding noise that keeps going and going and going! HAHA

I also found these adorable PRAYER bandaids!! They have scriptures that will heal your boo boo's! I just know they will work!

For Lindley... I found this adorable hot pink monkey bow. I just fell in love with it. I have never seen something that CUTE!! It was the only face they had. I couldn't believe it. I hope they will get some more in. I cant wait to see it in her hair!

Girls just have to have their bows!

Katy got them these FUN POP-UP SHAPE BUGS. Over Christmas break my niece, Chloe, couldn't stop playing with this POP-UP toy! SHE was so GOOD at it! I was surprised she could open and close them. so I know THEY WILL LOVE THIS TOY!

Since Jenn and Katie left us at school... US 3 try our best to survive! These are such wonderful girls that make teaching FUN in Frisco! :)
Katy, Me, & Michelle

We all miss them.. but not near as much as they MISS US AT SCHOOL!! HAHAH

Yes she really still carries her BADGE around town with her. Mercy might get her when she finds out she still gets discounts with it! HAHAH

Kidding.. All joking aside, we really ENJOY the time catching up with one another. Hope to keep this up! I LOVE IT!! I REALLY DO! This is where I learn my LIFE LONG LESSONS! HAHA

OUR FOOD WAS SO YUMMY! It was the perfect place to meet up!
The Cheesecake Factory

And.. if you go to the cheescake factory it is just EXPECTED to order cheesecake. So... that why we ordered 3 of them and shared! It was a FABULOUS way to end the night!


  1. Oh my gosh yall are the Prettiest teachers ever!! I bet the little boys just love all of you, and the girls want to be just like you all! :)
    And Ok seriously, that monkey bow was PRECIOUS!! How cute!! And those pray band-aids!! LOVE THEM!! Caleb would think that was the neatest thing on this EARTH! Ha!!
    Oh and finally I LOVE YOUR NEW SHIRT!!! Ha!! Told you it looks just like you!! VERY CUTE!!

  2. WOW! I just realized that you have gone brunette and I absolutely love it!!!! Its suits your so well!! Gorgeous!
    Looks like you had a great night out...I love the cheesecake factory (guilty pleasure!)

  3. Thanks so much! I'm totally getting used to it. It was hard at first, but I think I'm liking it now. :)

    OMG.. you aint kidding Cheesecake Factory is so YUMMY!