Wednesday, January 26, 2011

W-N-W (Weekend in Wichita Falls)

What a weekend with my mom and sis on Saturday! :) Mom's wonderful idea to go GREASY and eat YUMMY! :)
So what better way to do that... oh ya... Lunch at RONNIES BURGERS

Not only do they have BURGERS, but right next door.... (ATTACHED) they have an ice cream parlor that is SO SO SO CUTE! Of course we went in just to have a peep at the desirous (made up word maybe?) flavors of ice cream! Realizing we were in Mid January, I had a MARVELOUS idea for STARBUX! Well, it was a good idea to my mom and I, but my sister on the other hand... is not a fan of COFFEE, so we stood their jealous of her delicious ice cream. :(

UNTIL... we came to our favorite spot! :)

Oh a day with the "TIPPIT" girls! :) If you could only be there. We are so WISHY WASHY! We can change our minds in 3 seconds, laugh our butts off, cry our eyes out, and still LOVE EACH OTHER TILL THE END!!


  1. HAHA!! you should have been jealous of my ice cream in January!! haha!!
    It was AWESOME!!! Birthday Cake flavor baby!! Seriously that was some,not healthy, but GOOD EATIN'!hahah!!
    LOVED IT!! :)

  2. How much fum was that! We need to make a tradition out of that! Anything to eat and have fun! Ha!