Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going Big on our 2 YEAR!

Stephen and I love love love celebrating things! We love eating out... love having US TIME, and love getting away and being able to do whatever we want too. Deep inside we become little kids and just have FUN in our own little world! While experiencing new things... we always feel we never fit in the places we go or try, but we just laugh and watch the norms of all the people! It's kind of hard to explain... but the truth is... we LOVE TRYING NEW BIG THINGS.. but ALSO SECRETLY HATE IT! HAHA

That probably only made since to my husband and people that know me really well, but LIFE HAS TRULY BEEN A BLAST with Stephen the past 2 year of marriage and I wouldn't change it for ANYTHING! I love him very much! <3

First things first... He started my weekend off PERFECTLY by sending me RED ROSES up to school on Professional Developing Day! They always make me feel so SPECIAL!

Then Brendin, our school ART teacher, made a cartoon drawing for me! I've never had a cartoon picture before and was super ecstatic about it! I definitely plan on getting a FRAME for it! :) This is "doodle art" for Brendin. She wasnt even sitting by me. We were in meetings all day and she got bored. :) THIS JUST AMAZES ME! :) She brought it up to me during a break and said. Happy Anniversary Tasha! THANK YOU BRENDIN SOO MUCH!

After school Stephen drove us to our "surprise" HOTEL! He kept is a secret last year, and did it again this year! :) I LOVE SURPRISES but then again.. I hate the anticipation !! I begged him to just tell me when we were almost there, but he insisted on me WAITING! grrrr.. but I'm glad he did when we finally got there! HAHA The secret place was....

After we got there we took some pretty cool pictures of our room. and then got ready for the big dinner at the SPINNING BALL!

About 3 years ago Stephen took me to the Reunion Tower (spinning ball) to celebrate the fact we had been DATING for 2 years! HAHA We thought it was time to RETURN. It just happened to fall on our 2 year anniversary of being MARRIED! :) Funny how things work out! Look how much we have changed! :)

Soon after we visited we heard they were closing it down for about a year or so to REMODEL and make some change. We were super excited for our ROMANTIC FANCY RETURN this year! Our reservation was for 8:30 at the Reunion Tower.

Ok! So ready for the REVIEW!! "Was the Reunion Tower just FABULOUS???
Well... not really? It wasn't at all what we expected! We were thinking ROMANTIC, QUIET, and FANCY just like it was the last time we went! :) Well, NOT THIS TIME!
It was now the "HIP" spot to hang out. It was loud, more casual/dressy with a Asian decor twist to it, along with a new ASIAN MENU! Yes.. that's RIGHT! (CONFUSED))??? I was too! :) HA

Were we disappointed??? not really! We both left with a smile and even laughed it off. Stephen even looked out the window as we were eating and spotted a McDonald's and asked me if I wanted to stop by for a 10 piece nugget! HA REALLY?? YES.. REALLY! We didn't stop and get nuggets, but we did stop and get a shake and a Mcflurry! :) (LIFE AS A ROSS) HA HA

Anyway... so DAY 2 (we woke up and took a tour of our hotel)....

We stopped here for some quick breakfast.

AND... the famous mirror & chair we both hope to have in our house one day! :)

but the coolest thing about our hotel was it's restaurant "NANA'S" on the 27th floor! That is the place where Stephen proposed to me 2 years ago. :) We got the chance to go back up there and take some pictures including the SPECIAL BENCH!

This is the bench where stephen popped the big question 2 years ago!: )

I really wanted a picture with both of us on it, and just so happened a random man walked by us. :) LIFE IS GOOD!

Overall our ANNIVERSARY weekend was PERFECT! :) I loved every part of it. :) I have such a wonderful husband for thinking about me and us during this time! Celebrating is AMAZING... but living day to day with that special man is even more AMAZING! :)


  1. looks like a GREAT weekend! hope you guys had a very happy anniversary (=

  2. Happy Anniversary Tasha!!!
    I loved this blog, and that hotel!!! It was also so cute how you put up the comparison pictures of you guys at the Spinning ball!! Amazing how things, and hair, changes in just a few years! :)
    You looked beautiful!! Love you both!!