Monday, March 16, 2009

Wichita Trip....

I got to see my little nephew kick the ball around this weekend! Yes.. it's true he has followed the "SOCCER" steps of his Aunt TASHA! He's actually REALLY GOOD! He's always scoring, and gets so mad if the other team scores. I  just might see him as a RIDER RAIDER SOCCER PLAYER! :) 
This week they played a really hard team.. but he never fails to be the little entertainer! :) As Stephen says... he is #1 Soccer player, and # 2 ENTERTAINER! haha which I have to AGREE! He's always determined to score, but most of all he wants to make sure the people in the bleachers SAW HIM! haha He's such a little cutie! 

After the game we went to a sweet wedding in Henrietta, THE HOFF WEDDING! They have 8 kids now between the both of them, which now they are known as the BRADY BUNCH of Clay County! :) ha-ha
It was so cute to see all the kids standing up there with their parents. After at the reception Bryan Hoff (The Groom) gave a "straight from the heart" speech.. uhhh... let's just say there wasn't a dry eye in the room! So sweet... 

Later that evening we celebrated JOE ROSS's BIRTHDAY! (Stephen's Brother)
He will be 25 March 18th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!  Stephen and I got him a "Rockin J.R." branding iron so that he can brand his steaks as he grills them! We also got him a Leonardo Da Vinci book??? Which.... I was a little hesitant to give him because of the cover.. to me it was a little X-Rated, but I guess I just don't understand the whole ART/ARCHITECTURE world? All I know is Stephen knows his brother, and Joe is really good at what he does! He probably will be building a home for us or you one day... or might even design the next WICHITA FALLS SIKES CENTER MALL.. which we could use a NEW ONE! :) 
Man.. we had such a FULL WEEKEND! Sunday came, and we visited COUNTRY CHAPEL! Loved my Dads message about believing & having FAITH that God Can still HEAL today.. "Mark Chapter 5:21-43"! 
An important part of the message was people don't only need to just SAY you BELIEVE, but we need to act on it as well. An interesting quote my dad said was... (forgive me if this is not the exact quote)...
         "63% percent of Californians said they believe their will be an earthquake in the next 4                  years in California, but only 1/4 of that 63%  had earthquake insurance. mmm.. It's so                  strange how people think?? They didn't ACT on their beliefs? Just think about that... 
He just got one for the YOUTH GROUP! My mom and him have been doing the YOUTH too! So he thought it would be a perfect way to connect with the YOUNG PEOPLE! Yeah.. my DAD's totally HIP! :) 

After church we headed to Stephen and I's FAVORITE PLACE for lunch ( HUNANS )!! 
Love Love Love... the Hunan family and their FOOD! :) This is my sister and I after filling our TUMMYS will chicken & Fried RICE! Mmm Mmm Mmm... 
Yes.. she's famous! ha CHANNEL 6 NEWS... people stop her everywhere! ha Even at HUNANS!

Then it was time to pack our things and head back to plano! Always a late night ROAD TRIP.. but I have my hubby to drive me on the road! 

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