Friday, March 6, 2009


U better believer it... I have turned out to be quite the baker/cooker! I have never really been put in the position to do so, but now that I have a HUNGRY HUBBY.. I'm all about it! I wish I had pictures of dinners that I have made, but unfortunately it got in our bellies before I could find the camera. :) But... this little TREAT.. I GOT PICTURES! This is probably one of my favorite sweets in the WORLD. Once I found the recipe.. I talked about it for WEEKS, and Stephen said... "Tasha, why don't you just make them already, I think your life would be complete if you made those stupid things." So.. I DID! I will have to say.. they are not as easy as I thought they were going to be! I ran into some minor problems, and according to Stephen "threw a fit" like a 5 year old... but I pushed through it and well.. they turned out good for my FIRST TIME! 

Aren't they just too DANG CUTE! They TASTE amazing too! So.. I'm sure some of you are wondering why there is just ONE yellow, and why is it FROWNING.. well that was my minor problem I ran into. I spent about an hour searching for YELLOW CANDY melts at walmart as the stupid store sent me to every section in the store, but THEY DID NOT HAVE THEM! So... I got an idea to buy WHITE candy melts and FOOD COLORING.... Well.. candy melts and food coloring don't work well with each other. It thickens the candy when you melt it, and you are unable to dip the cake-balls into it without being chunky and messy! MADE ME SOO MAD, because I wanted to make SMILEY FACE cake balls, so I tuned my smile upside down! Hint.. the FROWN!  

Anyway... I got over it.. and decided to melt some Chocolate candy melts, and they turned out great, next time I will just purchase some YELLOW CANDY MELTS from or something. So.. you ready to see my process... HERE WE GO... 

Then I crumbled the cake and mixed some icing into it! & Rolled my cake balls! 

Next... rolled the end of the lolli-pop sticks in candy melts and stuck them 1/2 way into cake ball. 


Then put them in the FREEZER....  

Take em' out dip in candy melts and stick them in a styrofoam block, let em dry.. and DIG IN 


  1. Ohhh my gosh! Did you see these on Bakerella? My sister and I were just talking about how we wanted to make those! We are going to make some for Jonathan's niece's b-day!! They look good!!

  2. I am laughing out loud at this!! HAHA! Oh my gosh they look sooooo good though!! Please, please bring me some!! Notice how I said some, hint more than one! HAHA Love ya, Miss Mar-Tasha Stewart! :)

  3. Tasha these look AMAZINGLY good!! I think I am going to have to steal this recipe of yours.

  4. haha, too cute! i made some of these not too long ago, but did hearts and "pink" white chocolate. :)

  5. you go girl they do look good you have turned out to be Miss Betty Crocker her self. Can't wait till you come home and make us some.

  6. hahah you CRACK me up! I love how animated you are ! Made my day :)

  7. your picture reminds me of this guy

  8. hahah I am GREAT like Tony... aint I :)