Friday, March 20, 2009


  Look who came to visit STEPHEN AND ME!!! :) He is our one and only NEPHEW CALEB!  
Stephen asked Caleb if he would drive us to AMAZING JAKES? He said, "Mmm.. well I could try." So when Stephen was trying to figure out the car seat in the back seat, Caleb just hopped in the front and said.. LOOK STEPHEN I CAN DRIVE! ha-ha

Amazing Jakes was AMAZING! We were able to ride the BUMPER CARS for his first time! I was a little nervous about them not letting him on because his height, but the High-School guy running the ride said.... go ahead he makes the HEIGHT by the TIP OF HIS SPIKES on his head! ha-ha. 

     Then we played around of PUTT-PUTT

Air hockey NEVER GETS OLD! :) Caleb kicked Stephens BUTT! :) ha 

GO CART TIME! Yes.. you know it! Caleb and Tasha BEAT STEPHEN to the finish line!

To top off the night we asked Caleb to show us how to do his FAMOUS FROG dance.. and he did! :) We LOVE our Caleb! We had so much fun with him!  

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  1. Tasha,
    This is such a sweet post. That is one adorable little guy!! I know ya'll are having a blast being the favorite aunt and uncle!
    Love ya both!