Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well I have had my entire family come down this week! It was been SO AWESOME! :) 
I really do love when I get to see them! One of the hit spots to eat was SNUFFERS and their CHEESE FRIES! Yum yum yum.... you want a good hamburger HEAD THERE! It's in PLANO! 

                                                     CHEESE FRIES.. SOO GOOD! :) 
Mom & Dad got to come down too! I got a chance to take em around the town for 2 days! :) It was so much fun, including all the fun places we got to eat! SNUFFERS, CHUY'S, P.F. CHANGS, and BABE'S.. oh... and can't forget the famous CUSTARD PLACE.. called  Double Dip! haha Even though I feel like a FAT COW, I HAD SOO MUCH FUN WITH THEM!!! miss you guys!! 
Thanks for the flip flops and the new house warming gift!! :) 


  1. I drive past double dip sometimes and I have been meaning to stop there! I remember my parents moved to Frisco like 8 years ago before anything else was really there and that was one place went but it was closed. Still on my list.

  2. Tasha,
    We had so much fun too. Am so glad for Steven and you on your house its beautiful! Can,t wait till we can help you move.
    Love you