Saturday, October 8, 2011

New in my Life

Here are a few book-type things I have found important in my life right now. :) I thought I would share with you in case you might be interested. :)

1. MY BIBLE - The Message
This is one of the most coolest things I have bought lately. This is not just any ordinary bible, but it's the PERFECT BIBLE FOR ME! :) Don't worry it is still GODS WORD and is the BIBLE, but it's just a new translation called the "MESSAGE". I'm a person that is not much of a reader(sad to say) and I know how important it is to know the WORD OF GOD so it can encourage you, build your faith, and get your ready for the battle field(the world), when satan comes nockin' at your door every chance he gets.
The Message is VERY EASY to read and you will find yourself intensely wanting to read the next story in minutes. You feel as if your comprehension skills have magnificently improved! HAHA Better yet, you ACTUALLY READ IT and are filled with God's word. I just love love love it and I wanted to share it to those that find it tough to read the bible. :)

A couple of things extra...
YOu can ADD YOUR NAME TO IT FOR FREE if your purchase is at MARDELS! You can do the silver or gold script, or choose the imprint(I think they call it, which is what I chose. This is my first bible with NATASHA ROSS on it! HAHA They have always been Natasha Tippit, my maiden name. :)

Ok this next picture, I want you to pay attention to the print. I really looked at the different "messages" to find one that is easy on the eyes. You can even say I bought the one for an "old person" or a "little kid"! haha I'm telling you, I have to take certain extremes to get me to READ! HAHA
You will notice the ENLARGED PRINT and s p a c e s in the text. The message does not have two columns, WHICH I LOVE. You will also see big indents before the next story. I could go ON and ON about this translation! HAHA

P.S. Yes.. I know!! I get a little HIGHLIGHTER HAPPY! I guess I'm an A.D.D. reader too! HAHA

2. BABY DIARY - my sister-n-law and mother-n-law got me

So cute.. it even has a brown-headed cartoon girl on the front! HAHA :) <3

This is the inside. It has our due date listed and our first sonogram we got at our first real Dr. visit on September 14th.

It helps you keep track of your water and food intake,types of exercise,and how you feel that day. I think it will be great for dr. appointments and great just to look back on one day.

It also allows you to keep extra information or things you would like to remember about that week during your pregnancy. Pretty cool it you ask me! :)

3. Pregnancy Calendar - my sister and my mom got me this! :)

I love this because you can keep track of your important dates with STICKERS! HAHA From day to day you will always remember what happened. You also get to see the size of your baby that week, at the top of each page it gives you specific information that will happen with you during those weeks. SO COOL!

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  1. so happy for you , really glad you are home close to your Mom and Dad and of course Ashley !