Saturday, October 22, 2011


Holy cow!! I think everyone in our family has a birthday in OCTOBER! AHHHHHHHHHHH

Let's start out with the first! My granddad's birthday October 2nd.
It was his BIG 75!!

I think the funniest moment about his birthday was when Ashley and I gave him a present from the both of us. We even gave him a IN-PERSON SINGING CARD!! :) We said... wait wait!! Granddad before you open your gift you have to get the CARD! He started looking like crazy. We said... no granddad this is a SPECIAL CARD!! Then Ashley and I busted out singing happy birthday and in unison we ended it with, "WE LOVE YOU, ASHLEY AND TASHA!"
Then like 10 minutes later our husbands SPEAK UP and say... um.. ya that gift was from us too! HAHA WE FORGOT ALL ABOUT THEM! How terrible are we! HAHA


Number 2... Mr. Lee Gunter! He is Stephen and I's brother-n-law! HE is married to Annie (Stephen's sister)

He got totally hooked up with the COFFEE for his office! :)

number 3 is MARK! :) This is Stephen's uncle who we get to see every Sunday! :) He turned 49 this year!

He loves wrestling, so Ginger(Stephen's mom) got him this AWESOME cake with a wrestling BELT! haha I LOVE IT!

He got lots of FUN GIFTS!! His favorite... FIGHT GUYS!! He knows all their names! Oh.. and Joe likes to hook him up with the TECH gear, but I think Mark secretly likes the LONGHORNS! HAHA

He even passed out PARTY FAVORS! Mine had a FUN DIP! my favorite!

Last but not least is my HUBBY, STEPHEN!! He turned 31 yesterday! I always tease him, he is getting OLD! HAHA

CHECK OUT HIS GIFTS! SPOILED OR WHAT??? I just loved the orange wheel barrow!

OH wait.. I can't leave off his SPECIFIC REQUESTED BIRTHDAY ITEM! Yes.. he wanted this!! haha

He's such a BOY! He says he needs it for his yard work that stays in the garage.

Joe the official ICE CREAM SCOOPER! HAHA

Annie and Lee at the Party! Wish I would of got baby Lilly in the pic!

The funniest thing about Stephen's birthday was well.. a little embarrassing on my part! I really don't know what got in to me. I honestly think it had something to do with me bring pregnant! HAHAH
look closely...

Yes.. it's true! I WROTE THE LETTERS... and YES.. I SPELLED HIS NAME WRONG! HAHA WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING! We have been married for almost 3 years and I SPELL HIS NAME with a V?? what?? Poor Stephen! I felt so bad, but didn't change it! HA HA
He then said... that's it! You will be refereed to as TOSHA from now on! HAHA

Then.. we celebrated Stephen's birthday with my side of the family today at Ronnie's Burger! :)

This year... I made my hubby a CUPCAKE CAKE! :)

This was the inside of them!! A COOKIE! WHAT A SURPRISE! :)

Mom and Dad hanging out at the party! Thanks to dad for SAVING US SEATS!!

My sister Ashley and my sweet nephew and adorable niece! :)

Aunt Debbie and Ashley! :)


  1. hahaha!! Happy Birthday SteVen!!! LOL!! This cracks me up!!!!! Those cupcakes look SO delish btw!!!

  2. so cute!! LOVE it!! love all the birthday fun! i have had lots of birthdays recently too....i love all the cake! hilarious you spelled his name wrong...and those cupcakes look delish!!