Thursday, October 13, 2011

Getting it all out of my system!

So we hear after you have kids your LIFE CHANGES! Let's hope for the better, but sometimes the things you used to do, turn into KID THINGS! HAHA

Stephen and I love to GO GO GO! We like to do lots of activities. We love to hang out TOGETHER and come up with things that keep us UN-BORED! haha I think that is why we waited to have kids. We just enjoyed being MARRIED and IN LOVE for 3 years!

We hear it all changes when that little kid arrives. We think we understand it, but I really don't think we have a CLUE! HAHA Soon enough we will find out. :)

FOR NOW.. we are going to GO GO GO!
This weekend we had a luau, and really enjoyed it. We have a Hawaiin family in our church that partnered up with the veterans in Wichita Falls to raise money by having a luau with great food and entertainment. Kaylani, Danny, and Josh all performed in the routines and dances. They all really got into it and were AWESOME TO WATCH! You could tell they worked really hard to get this event ready. There costumes were GREAT! Kaylani's mom Ladonna made all of them and you could tell the dancers LOVED wearing them because they were so CUTE! Overall the Lagat family put a lot of work in this luau and it REALLY SHOWED!

They even made the PAPER! :)

You will see in the next few pictures, everyone that was sitting at our table, except Diana. She wasn't in the PICTURE MOOD that night. :) I don't blame her.. I'm not always either! SHOCKING I KNOW! HAHA

Me, Marylou, and Stephen

Mona and Ray

Mom and Dad

We also went to the RANGER GAME SUNDAY AFTERNOON! Except on our way we got the message the game was delayed until MONDAY! WHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT!! haha
You should of been in the car. There was a moment of silence as we were still driving to Arlington. hahah Finally someone said, shouldn't we turn around?

The next day on Monday we tried it again and left around 11am and ate at BABES CHICKEN at 1:30 and made it to the game by 3:00.

This was taken on Sunday. I didn't take one on Monday because I LOOKED THE EXACT SAME! HAHA YES.. before you judge!! I bet the entire STADIUM WORE THE SAME CLOTHES THEY WORE ON SUNDAY! HAHAH You sill had to wear your RANGER GEAR! HAHA

We also had a Birthday this same weekend, but I will post it later with the OTHER BIRTHDAY we are going to TODAY! Man.. I tell you what, I LOVE OCTOBER! WEATHER, FOOD, and ALL THE EVENTS!!


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  1. Girl, you look GREAT!! CONGRATS on baby Ross!! SO EXCITED for you and your new little blessing! :) Can't wait to read about the pregnancy journey.

    I am SO glad you're back...I almost e-mailed you a couple times to see where ya went! I've been trying to comment but couldn't. Anyway, CONGRATS & welcome back!! Missed ya!