Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back to Dillards on New Years

Well... It was the "Annual Dillard Sale" yesterday my mom and I made sure to make an appearance to the shoe department. This year it went a lot smoother than the past. I believe it was because we chose to praise Jesus first. ha That's right, New years fell on a SUNDAY this year and all the SHOE-LOVIN-SINNERS were at Dillard's at 9am waiting at the door to get MY SHOES!! hahah TOTALLY KIDDING!It looks like a lot of people were dealing with the same issue as us, we ran into another "mother-daughter" pair who said she picked out her shoes at 10 and left all her boxes in her moms hands and rushed to church. ha Hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to get the BEST DEAL on shoes! HA

Brown J.S. flats with zipper

Black flats with crazy beaded ball on top!! LOVE!

So on the these babies... the detail was difficult to catch with my camera skills! HA So I took 2 photos. I loved these because they have a short heel that you can walk in for a long period of time. They also have the cutest design on top. These are way cute in person. Hard to see in picture.

Last but not least... MY FAVORITE PAIR (THE J.S. WEDGES)

I have to give a BIG THANK YOU TO MY MOM for pretty much giving me 2 pairs of shoes (one being my absolute favorite). :)

Seeing we wear the same size, we ran into a small problem, where they didn't have 2 of the same shoe. :( BUT my mom is SOO SWEET, she let me have them showing no regret (but I know deep down she was a little sad to let them go) She has always been that type of person and I LOVE HER FOR IT! I will definitly have to share this year!! SHE ROCKS! :) BTW.. she picked out all these shoes and MORE...(She has a GREAT EYE for shoes).

Overall I would say God blessed us with a GREAT LADY who helped us for hours searching for the right fit, a FUN TIME, and saved us some of the CUTEST SHOES!


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