Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Most of you know that Stephen has been brought up in the air conditioning world. His dad owns Trinity Air Conditioning back in Wichita Falls, where Stephen worked for many years. Stephen has been working in the air conditioning business for over 12 years now. It is honestly something he finds ENJOYABLE! He loves to talk "AIR CONDITIONER"! Yes.. I sometimes get tired of hearing it.. but I know he LOVES IT! I have had to learn to give in a little and just let him do what he loves to do.

This past weekend Stephen got to put in a brand new air conditioner in our house. Also known as a "CHANGE OUT" I heard this word used a lot this past weekend and have now stored it in my new vocab! :)
But... was something wrong with our air conditioner??? uh.. NO!!
I think Stephen just believes if "HE" puts in a "LENNOX" air conditioner, he will have the best AIR CONDITIONER IN THE WORLD! :)

I just see a MESS...

After watching him and his dad and brother work their magic this past weekend... IT'S NOT AN EASY PROCESS! This is HARD WORK...

Pre-Marriage to an Air Condition Man - "The big box on the side of your house"

Post-Marriage to an Air Condition Man - "It's more like crawling around an attic with BIG SILVER tubes called "duck work", building boxes as stands for the other part of the air conditioner, cutting holes in ceilings for sucking air in and spitting air out, wiring things to a thermostat, and trying to stay hydrated while working in an attic when its 109 degrees outside!" :(
I think I would be considered a PRO Air Conditioner WIFE now! :)

He also did something that makes this whole process even more difficult.. HOW DID HE DO IT? NOT SURE! HAHA
But... he moved our air conditioner that was in our attic to the inside of our garage. easier access.. I GUESS?

I just took pictures... when they did all the HARD WORK! HA

(He was not happy about this pic) He was miserable... again.. Y DO IT? HAHA

SO long to our little guy who was once there...


I WILL SAY OUR HOUSE IS A LOT COOLER! :) I'm proud of my hubby! :)

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  1. this post is awesome i do really like it. Im looking for a window-type unit a/c...is Daikin a good brand?