Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well.. I had another GREAT BIRTHDAY! and.. BIRTHDAY CAKE! I mean I don't know how my mom out-did my 21st cake... but SHE DID! Look how amazing this one was! Thanks to MOM & Cathy's Bakery in Iowa Park! She did my wedding cake too! :)

My hubby & I at my party! He ended up getting me several things!

1. The big thing I wanted were some NEW PUMA's!! I wanted them SOOO BAD! I complained about my tenny's like everyday, hoping he would come around! HE DID! :)

2. Another thing was my lovely FRUIT ARRANGEMENT that was fabulous! I highly recommend those things! So cool.. cause you can EAT IT! HA

3. Well.. lately at the gym I've been having issues watching my favorite shows on the GYM TV when I run, because my ipod doesn't have a FM tuner that connects with their TV set up?? So Stephen got me a FM player (or so he thought...) Didn't quite have FM on it.. haha So we have to send it back! BUT.. HE TRIED! That's all that counts.

4. He also got me a radio recorder that you download to your computer, then you plug your FM RADIO in to your computer & download any song from any radio station that you recorded. YA... really cool, but it wasn't compatible w/ my MAC (yes, I'm a MAC lover)! But.. again.. HE TRIED! :)

5. Last but NOT LEAST! He took me to the TEXAS RANGER GAME! w/a firework SHOW!

Yes.. it's TRUE, I HAVE THE BEST HUBBY IN THE WORLD!! Yes.. these were the gifts in the BOXES!! :) I've been getting asked everyday! HAHA THANK YOU ALL FOR CHECKING OUT MY BLOG and VIDEOS! Keeps me POSTING! -HA

These 2 favorite PEOPLE of mine CAME THROUGH for ME TOO!! hahaha OK OVER & BEYOND! YEP.. MY MOM & DAD knew that being down here in DALLAS (BIG CITY) I get a little lost driving around... but NOT ANY MORE! I WANTED THIS SOO BAD, and NEEDED IT SOO BAD! I finally fit in with the rest of the FRISCO-NIGHTS! I FINALLY HAVE A TOM-TOM a.k.a --> "TURKEY TOM" (according to Stephen)


  1. Sounds like a great birthday!! :)
    Your cake looks AMAZING! i vet it was good too!

  2. Joe says:
    Did I wish you a 'Happy Birthday'?
    You know how elderly people sometimes forget things....
    Stephen failed to mention that y'all kissed on the big screen at the Rangers game! Coolness!
    Go TASHA!