Thursday, April 2, 2009


Little Miss Mallary has it made in the COOK'S HOSPITAL! :) Stephen and I hope if we get sick one day they will take us there! We are still KIDS @ HEART! :) She is doing a little better now, they still have no word yet back on what they think it might be, but we are hoping for the best. Her joints in her legs and feet give her ALOT of pain. It's hard for her to walk around :( Bless her little heart! Keep PRAYIN! I told her I posted her on the BLOG!
She also had PAINTED us a PICTURE! It was a fair trade for the COOKIES, which she LOVED by the way! haha They have her on a NO SALT diet, so I think she deserved those SPRINKLED COOKIES!


  1. What a great artist she is!
    Yep that was a fair trade fro those Yummy cookies!
    I am praying that she gets better, I have total faith she WILL!

  2. p.s. Also include my uncle Johnny in your prayers he was admitted to the hospital because he has water in his lungs. We're not sure how long he will stay there but prayers will help!

  3. Mallary and her family are in my prayers! Cook's is an AMAZING hospital from what Ashley and Randell have told me.

  4. Tell Mallary we agree together in Jesus name she is healed. We pray that the doctors will find out whats wrong and can fix it in Jesus name. I know she loved the cookies and I know you loved her poster, that is so good. She is so sweet and cute and I know she will be just find! We will put her on our prayer list at church and everyone will be praying for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!