Monday, February 16, 2009

Tomorrow we will be married for a FULL MONTH. We are enjoying every minute down here in the BIG CITY. We have tried out some really cool restaurants, ice cream places, and the famous random "Stephen & Tasha activities". ha 

One recent restaurant I would recommend is Buca Di Beppo 

which is located in front of the FRISCO (stonebriar) mall. Its a great italian place, and they serve you family style. Suprisingly its totally affordable too. You can order small portions or large portions. Small portion serve 2- 3 people & Large portions serve 4-6 people, and they serve BREAD to start ya off!  We were able to get a portion of Fettuccine Alfredo, a great portion of SALAD (taste like olive Gardens), & some bread all for about 23 bucks! So get down here and TRY IT! 

Another fun place we have visited in a FUN bowling ally called Strikz! SO MUCH FUN! 
 I suggest going at night on Friday or Saturday! They have HUGE drop down screens with loud music & videos playing as you bowl. Awesome lighting and great atmosphere! If there is a WAIT... no problem put 10 bucks on a GAME card and play some arcade games as you wait for you lane! Super fun.. :) 

Like I said.. I LOVE MARRIED LIFE! :) 


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  2. yah....yall have a blog! i will definitely be adding you as a "blog friend". :) lets get together soon and do dinner again....maybe Atlee will be a good girl this time. :)

  3. I just realized that I got the same background as you! Glad that you figured it out. I was about to call you and walk you through it!

  4. you FINALLY got a blog...and a cute one, at that! :) Let's do dinner soon, since you're so close now. <3!

  5. Glad to see you are liking the area! I don't know if you get Valpak coupons or not but Buca has $10 off a $30 meal and I know Strikz has coupon too. Check it out.