Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mom's Birthday Party....

We took the weekend and celebrated it at Olive Garden with the whole family! It was so much fun. But.. my favorite part was when mom begged the waiter to sing her HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ha The boy said, mam.. I'm sorry but we don't do that anymore. I thought she was going to cry... but then I remembered.. HELLO we do have like half the church praise team (Ashley and I) sitting at the table. So we busted it out and provided the embarrassment that she asked for! haha

My hubby & I enjoyin our Pasta! <3

My Grandparents! :) 


awww... All the MEN in the family.. Stephen is still working on the SMILING part.. he likes to act "COOL" in pictures! haha 

You see.. this was picture number 2 of the guys. The first one.. none of the guys were smiling (including Caleb), but then picture number two they ALL LEARNED but stephen! We will let him slide this time, cause he's new to the fam! ha 

hahah.. FAVORITE PICTURE OF THE NIGHT.. My sister sometimes tends to think she is a SUPER STAR or something.. HAHA 


  1. Ha! That was a really fun night!! :) Yeah it only took me a few years to get Daniel to smile when he see's a camera!! We'll get Stephen to do the same soon! HAHAHA LOVE YALL!!

  2. Ha! Oh and I get the "super-star" thing honest...from both you and mom!! HAHA