Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ornament Exchange Party

My sister and I decided to start our very own family ornament exchange party this year. It was our first and it was a BIG success! It was so fun getting our grandma, aunt, mom, Stephen's mom.. Ginger, my sisters husband's mom... Sue, all together for a little Christmas fun. We hope to do this every year.

We had FAMILY, FOOD, and FUN games. Apparently thats all you need to make sure this family has fun. We can't wait till next year. I have to give my sister big credit for opening her home and decorations and providing half the food. She worries about making it perfect.. and because of her it ALWAYS DOES!! :)

The reason we LOVE OUR MOM! :)

For our game... we played the "Wright Family Game". The host usually reads the story and the people playing the game get to pass a gift around the circle. You have to listen to the words of the story... every time you hear the word "right, you must pass it to your right. Every time you hear left, you must pass it to your left. At the end of the story...whoever it ends on... WINS the gift.


  1. HEY!!!! Mrs. Fitzwater was my nursing instructor and one of my favorites at that! Such a small small world!!!!

  2. omy goodness... it is a small world! She is such a sweet person! I'm so glad she is apart of our family! :)