Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ok... just discovered best breakfast/snack in the WORLD! I thought I would be nice and share with my friends... VITA TOPS! Yes... a famous muffin top! I would suggest you locate the closest store to you that sales this wonderful item at
DISCOVERY STORY.. My sister came in for Spring Break and left this cookie thing in my fridge and I was about to throw it away last night, but didn't for some reason. Then as I was packing my lunch this morning... adding my apple I thought... well I don't have anything sweet in here. So.. I added it in my lunch bag and took it out for LUNCH and BAM... I FELL IN LOVE.

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  1. I love VITATOPS!!! :)Soooo yummy and good for you!! That's a first! hehe! Oh yeah and it's CHOCOLATE!