Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our 1st Anniversary...

Well... yes, Stephen and I celebrated our 1st year Anniversary on January 17th. We had one of the best weekend ever. There were many surprises and many events that were planned for each day of the weekend. It all started on Friday afternoon when my FANTASTIC hubby sent me roses to work...

When I got off work I rushed home to get ready for The Studio Movie Grill. We watched AVATAR in 3D, ate some cheeseburgers ad fries! It was the best way to start off our Anniversary weekend.

The next morning we woke up and heading to Mcadee's for breakfast.

Then we packed our things and got ready for the evening. Stephen took me to our hotel and suprised me by pulling in the ZA ZA HOTEL! WOOOOOOWWWWWW... I have always wanted to go there.

We unpacked our things and headed to Mideival Times for dinner! We were on the Gold and Red team.
We got to take a photo dressed up as a King ad Queen, sit on the FRONT ROW for the show, they announced our names, and we got a peice of cake at the end! IT WAS PERFECT!

Then we headed back to our the hotel..

At night they always have llittle hang outs by the ZA ZA pool!

Then the next morning we headed to BLUEMESA... for a 20$ plate BRUNCH BUFFETT! AMMAAAZZZZZING! They had food all the way from waffles to fajitas to even DESERT! It was like we were on a resort for breakfast. ha It was the best ending for the PERFECT ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND!

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